Hey guys been about a week since i last posted.  I came across this alley way, in the SOMA district of San Francisco, off Berwick and 7th st. What caught my eye was the familiar looking Bear. The bear is by the same artist (Chad Hasegawa) of my last post.  I’m slowly falling in love with the SOMA district of San Francisco.  I guess its because i walk through this neighborhood a lot and i get to look past its rough exterior and appreciate its Urban Inner Beauty.

Well i hope to have some more post soon, but for now farewell

-J. Ryan

This mural was covering what is now pearls delux burgers on 6th and Market while under construction.

Cub by Chad Hasegawa


New Mural in SOMA (south of market) off 9th and Mission.The Mural is by 67 Sueños Project lead by Pablo Paredes.  It depicts the struggles that some immigrants have face crossing the boarder and job conditions working the fields. Its a huge mural 100” x 30” and this picture gives it no justice so go check it out.


Taken in  Chinatown off Grant St if recall correctly.  Artist unknown, i look it up and there are a couple of them online but i could not find an artist name. If you know i would love to give credit.

Hello Guys This is my very first Post. I have lived in San Francisco for a bit over 9 months and I am in love.  I walk and move about this city a great deal and in doing so i encounter so much beautiful buildings, art , and interesting things that are uniquely bound to the area of 7mi x 7mi. I want to share all of that with you. Tell me what you think.


the above picture was taken under the 80 freeway on my way to school.